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SAGA Magic Ball


Manufactured in Delrin, with M-67 thread.
It consists of two parts, a part where the lens is in a tight seal Cabin with two crystals to maintain the “air effect” and the other holding either the front, lens or the lens holder.
It has a screw-focus to set the desired diameter of the lens
It can be used in Compact housings with a +10 and +15 lens or in Reflex housings with a 60mm or more and with a +5 or +10 lens.
The images have an angular effect on the center and is inverted, (and re- flecting back the same blurred image. 


——————————————————————————————————- Weight: 230 grams
Diameter: 73mm
Maximum length: 130mm

Minimum length: 90mm 

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Ref. 1618 Magic Ball -DSC_0094.jpg
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