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Snoot optical light guide


It has a fiber optic light guide that allows to see exactly the point to be photographed. It has a variable light diameter, adjustable through a rotating disk of 6 positions. Rotating disk is fixed within the body of snoot.
It can be removed easily to allow exchange with another disc with other figures .
Maximum diameter of work with the disk removed.

It has a thread that allows us to focus the light and to zoom in or out.
The range of work from the snoot with focused circle to the subject is approx 20cm, where we get a maximum diameter of about 110mm. If you unscrew off the lens, the minimum distance is 7cm, where we get a minimum diameter 5mm. If we get further away from the focus point, the circles has a lower light intensity but a higher diameter. For use on night dives, there’s a light through a optical fiber on the side that indicates the position of figures in the disk. 


Technical Specifications

Weight: Dry Weight 500 grams. Sub- merged 100g
Diameter: base 100mm, top 60mm Variable lenght: 130mm to 170mm
Made in black Delrin. Built for any flash model 

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Ref. 291 Snoot optic IMG_5095.jpg