Isotta Housing for Nikon D7200


Isotta crafts high end aluminum housings for all major DSLR and compact cameras. All housings are designed and made in Italy. Isotta is the choice of most Italian and Spanish professional photographers and is growing it’s fan base all over the world due to its simplicity and great value for money.

With a view for simplifying controls the housings are not only ergonomic and robust but also more affordable than most aluminum housing brands. All the while offering more lighting and accessory options.

Housings are made entirely of Isotta’s signature red-colored anodized aluminum which is anti-corodal and thermo-coated. Placing the camera into the housing is easy with the tray that keeps the camera in place once inserted. A lever locks the tray inside the housing.

All camera controls are accessible ergonomically on the housing through well placed aluminum buttons and dials. All buttons have their functionality clearly engraved. The controls work well with gloves or drysuit gloves. Handles are formed to match the human hand and make holding the camera very comfortable even throughout long dives.

The housing is closed with Isotta’s single handed one-turn knob. It’s the only single latch closing mechanism in the DSLR housing market. It’s fast, simple and secure thanks to its double steel pins at the bottom so the housing.

Another specialty of Isotta are the double o-rings on all moving and removable parts. They ensure an optimal seal and make accidentals leaks by grains or hair impossible.

This DSLR housing offers the possibility to use external strobes via two optical light ports as well as two Nikonos sync cord bulkheads. This allows for easy mounting of any strobe and lighting set up.

Standard part of this housing is a humidity sensor with a bright red LED on the outside of the housing. In the unlikely case of humidity within the housing it will flash and get the photographers attention. Battery can be easily exchange by the photographer.

The housing is capable of withstanding a depth pressure of 100m.

All ports, extension rings and dome are also made of anodized, high quality aluminum. Isotta also offers various other smart accessories.

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Additional Info

- Red color anodized aluminum body
- Ergonomic side handles, adjustable (via optional accessory)
- Two fiber optic connectors

- Two M16 ports, optionally with electrical sync cord bulkheads
- One M16 port for installation of accessories, e.g. vacuum valves or monitors

- Back housing completely separable from the front housing
- Tray with lock for the easy insertion of the camera
- Single-hand closing knob for back housing
- Aluminum buttons and dials with engraved symbols identical to camera controls
- Wide back display viewfinder glass with optical viewfinder
- Double o-ring seal on all buttons and removable parts
- Moisture sensor with LED indicator (replacable battery)
- Ports security latch to prevent accidental opening
- Wide, rubber covered feet for solid footing on boat floors or sea floor.
- M8 hole located on upper side of the housing for various accessories such as focus lights
- Two M6 holes located on housing bottom side for different accessories such as brackets for strobes or tripods
- External viewfinders can be mounted, INON X-2 compatible
- Depth rated to 100m

Included Accessories
- Ergonomic handles     

- Silicone grease
- Spare O-Rings