Ports and Domes

Isotta Wide Angle Dome Port - 4.5"


Spherical porthole of 4.5for Reflex in black anodized aluminum and optical crystal.

The portholes are an essential element of the housing for the camera. The use of high quality standards for the choice of materials used to manufacture are a must for the Isotta Team.

The black anodized aluminum body and the optical crystal ensure the sharpness and the durability of the product. The high standards of quality materials and precision mechanisms are the result of the Team Isotta experience and leave unchanged the characteristics of ambient light, allowing an optimal objective control.

Good image quality also depends on the quality of the lens used. In water it is essential the quality of the glass and the precision of construction of the porthole appropriate for a given type of lens.

The insertion of the porthole is intuitive and simple thanks to the markers for insertion and the Isotta's attack. Equally easy is the changing of the camera's objectives thanks to the large filler attachment and the command to the lens release carry on the outside.

The double seal o-ring and the slot for the safe placed on the housing gives to the portholes the confidence to dive deeper.

A security, post on the diving suit, prevent unwanted slippage of the porthole or of the extension/adapter ring.

The extension rings and the adapters are designed to be fixed perfectly with the porthole and not allow any slippage.

For more information on the extension rings to use with the various objectives of the camera used, refer to the objectives lists, or ask for advice to our customer service.

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